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With my internship coming to a close, I have started to reflect on my experiences so far and what I hope to achieve following my time at Watermill. A typical intern day runs from , allowing for some variation based on deal flow and the timing of meetings. Each week kicks off with an investment committee meeting Monday afternoon in which the team is updated on active deals and introduced to new deals by the interns. We read through company CIMs and prepare a deal summary to present to the team. This is an important means you and your insrtructor to evaluate and learn from your experience.

Therefore, please include. Your journal is a useful place to recover insights, connections, changes, small incidents that highlight larger issues, and common threads.

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Rely on your journal for a sense of perspective on the internship; the more complete a journal you kept, the easier this paper should be to write. This is crucial, because your paper will be judged both on content and form.

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In some cases, mistakes even prevent the content from being understood. Therefore, please include a short description of what you actually did daily, and then demonstrate your analytical ability in your reflection on your experiences.

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    Guidelines for Internship Reflection Paper

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    (PDF) Internship Report and Reflexive Essay | Xerxa Bardh -

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