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  2. Conqueror Paper CX22 Diamond White FSC7 100% Recycled A4 210x297mm 100Gm2 Watermarked Pack 500

High quality paper with watermark Conqueror paper manufacturer - Wikipedia Paper Watermarks edge leading edge of a sheet of paper as it passes through the printing press.


Custom Watermark Paper, Custom Watermarked Stationery Paper -grained paper paper in which the predominant fiber orientation is parallel to the shortest sheet dimension. Paper Terms Glossary Neenah Paper ink vehicle has been absorbed too rapidly into the paper leaving a dry, weak pigment layer which dusts easily. It spread slowly from China along the silk road and reached Europe from the Muslim world.

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Paper was not necessary for the invention of printing, but printing would not have been a commercial success without paper. At the same time the commercial success of printing meant an explosive expansion of paper-making in Europe. European paper was made from recycled linen clothes.

Linen was made from the flax plant.

Conqueror Paper CX22 Diamond White FSC7 100% Recycled A4 210x297mm 100Gm2 Watermarked Pack 500

There was a trade in linen rags, which were soaked and beaten into a thick pulp. It is more substantial than our standard gm.

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Conqueror Laid paper. Available in: Diamond White, Hi-White and Cream Description: Features a series of horizontal and vertical lines within the sheet itself.

This paper mimics the traditional appearance of early handmade papers. The series of finely spaced horizontal lines, known as "laid lines" make the paper slightly more ridged to the touch, whereas the more widely spaced vertical "chain lines" have more of a watermark appearance.

We do not recommend very small text under 8 point on this stock due to the nature of the paper. Brand: Conqueror gm. Conqueror Contour paper.

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