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The next day, Sarov tells Alex about his son Vladamir who was killed in the war in Afghanistan. He plans to adopt Alex as he shares many traits with Vladamir, due to their similar physical appearance and common traits, such as patriotism. He then has Alex moved to the slave house when President Kiriyenko arrives. Alex attempts to escape the mansion by hiding in the boot of a car, but is caught by Sarov due to a heartbeat detector. The general spares Alex's life yet again but punishes him through psychological torture. At dinner later that evening, Sarov drugs Kiriyenko and his guests and moves them to the slave house.

Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz | LoveReading

With the finished nuclear bomb loaded onto Kiriyenko's private Presidential jet, whose pilots serve Sarov, Sarov himself, Alex, Conrad and a small security team takes off and heads to Murmansk , Russia , which Sarov says contains a shipyard of nuclear submarines. During the flight, Sarov revealed that he plans to detonate the bomb there which will cause a massive explosion and a nuclear fallout. Russia will be blamed and they will turn to their President.

Sarov will then release edited footage from an interview which will disgrace Kiriyenko, ousting him from power while reverting Russia back to communism under Sarov, while others in northern Europe die from the nuclear fallout.

Sarov will then instigate wars all over the planet until the entire world is united under a communist government, with himself at the helm, and plans for Alex to take over Sarov in the future. When the plane makes a fuel stop in Edinburgh , Alex uses a stun grenade disguised as a Michael Owen keyring to escape from the plane, incapacitating Sarov and Conrad temporarily. Alex attempts to call the police but is stopped by a security guard named George Prescott.

At Murmansk, Conrad plants the bomb on a submarine, while Alex is handcuffed to a handrail close to the submarines. An apologetic Sarov approaches him and says although he is reluctant, he has to kill him due to Alex's betrayal earlier, before leaving for Moscow by himself. Alex sets himself free and fights with Conrad, while the Russian army and navy arrive and initiate a firefight against Sarov's men.

Although Conrad outmatches Alex, Conrad who has numerous pieces of metal inside his body following a failed bombing several years earlier is caught by the crane's electromagnet passing overhead, lifting him into the air and killing him in the process.

Alex takes control of the crane, dropping Conrad's body into the sea and removing the nuclear bomb from the submarine. He then removes the detonation card, only to be told to put it back at gunpoint by a reappearing, injured Sarov. Alex instead throws the card into the ocean and rejects becoming Sarov's son. Sarov commits suicide in front of him. In the final chapter of the novel, it is revealed that when Alex explained his predicament to Prescott, his office heard their conversation through Prescott's radio, which was still turned on.

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Alex Rider: Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz – review

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